I am a licensed contractor trained and skilled in several trades. This usually allows me to complete each step of a project myself. For large projects, I work with general contractors or hire a crew, which I closely supervise. As a result, there is a consistency throughout the entire project. This also ensures the degree of quality I demand. I work in a wide range of construction materials and applications, including tiles, mosaics, marble, granite, customized baths, home improvement, painting, decoration and restoration of fountains and monuments, mainly in marble, granite and other natural stones.

My training in sculpture brought me to customize art forms into construction and decorative applications. My designs and prototypes of garden statuary and fountains have been produced in major statuary companies. Large-scale restoration projects are also within my realm of expertise, for example, restoration of Bufano’s 16-ton granite statue of Saint Francis and a recently completed 54' x 54' granite mausoleum in Colma. Sculpting figures and portraits as well as mold making are ongoing projects at my shop. Interior and exterior painting and decoration of houses are based not only on aesthetics but also on chemical preservation.

I can help you realize your ideas. Custom proposals strongly attract me. The desire for the unknown is challenging. Ongoing exhaustive research and collaboration with other professionals enable me to discover the most updated and appropriate materials for each task.

Tiles and mosaics Painting & decoration Sculptural restoration Home improvement